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Title: Please Come!
Date: Saturday, March 13, 2010

this blog has been abandoned for so long! imagine your parents abandon you in an isolated cottage for months, how'd you feel? this blog must be very depressed and down because his owners are not taking care of him and let him rot! i am so kind to now exercising and refreshing him! six other animals, please show your love to our poor son.

we haven't seen each other in ages! so i decided to umm.. organize a gathering and hope you can come!

Event : meilleures amies (best friends in French) well, i dunno how to pronounce it.
Time : noon
Day : 17th April 2010
Place : TBC

yeah i know some of you aren't able to make it. tons of work loads.. nvm. try to come la! tell me your answer in the chat box. though i know you won't be checking blogger very often. :)


Title: Pls read this if u're leng lui!
Date: Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hey attention all leng luisssssss,someone's birthday is just around the corner!!
I hope leng lui mun can give some ideas on the birthday celebration
Here attached with the pic of birthday gal.Tada!Kita punya jimui yang tertua!

Okay again..we going to go thru lotsa discussion,arguments then only we can come out with a final conclusion,.....u know,we all biasa tak ngam timing, "aiyah,i got work lahhh","cannot,Cannot!i must go back at 6","no transport ah"...those excuses sudah biasa dengarlah.haha.Anyway,who can come then come,who cant make it also doesnt matter,as long as got 'heart' can d la..

K back to bear's bday celebration,v guys hav 2 discuss now onwards adi i guess.23rd of January ah!!!

Title: Our gathering slide
Date: Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Title: Outing on 110110
Date: Tuesday, January 12, 2010

yesterday we, seven people, or animals went to times square for the gathering. oh thanks god it was so success and it can be considered as a proper gathering i suppose?

we made our gathering quite early as giraffe gotta rush back to work at 12. giraffe and i the earliest who reach times square, then bear, pig, kingkong, dog, and lastly squirrel. as expected, squirrel was late for the gathering.

we then searched for a suitable place to chit chat and all those girl stuffs, for example, camwhore. finally we chose kenny rogers as the place. i admit, kenny rogers is kinda lame for this grand gathering. but what to do, times square don't have much nice restaurant which is in western style and has friendship atmosphere. frankly, the food in kenny rogers suck. the drumstick is so small that i couldn't believe that is 1/4 of chicken and it is hard to chew. oh and the potato salad, i think i can make potato salad which is 100 times better than that.

oh don't get cheated by her innocent and happy face. the potato she eating was absolutely awful!maybe kenny rogers in times square is not the original one. nvm. haih i am getting more and more ranty. i am so old T___T

kinda tired to continue this post. so i'll just spam this post by photos!

seven of us! the photo is a bit cacat (was taken by one of the waitresses there). i wonder why the photos of the seven animals are always so ugly :(

and of course, we took alota boring photos. when i say boring, means our facial expression are always same. a smile like :) is considered as boring! and so, i decided to upload some abnormal photos.

ju-on: three white ghosts with long hair.

bride war

pig was scratching her face and dog was scratching her eyes. i asked them why they scratch here and there wun. and they told me they want to follow king of the kong, which was sitting next to them.

hi peasants, i am king of the kong!

duck tried to kill bear with a knife in her hand (although the knife is quite difficult to be seen). squirrel looked at bear very happily as she knew bear was going to be killed. pig (with twisted mind) wanted to kill the muffin. oh and the two fellas who were standing at the back were kelefe #1 (dog) and kelefe #2 (giraffe).

squirrel and duck were trying to rebut the muffin while bear was licking the muffin. yucks!

pig and bear want to be squirrel!

sexy finger, eyes, face and tongue.

pig loves to do all these weird expressions. if she did all these when she was doing cheerleading, our cheerleading squad would be getting the weirdest expression award.

ugly pose (kononnya)

i think this is the coolest photo ever! :) everyone was doing different thing and coincidently being captured. the seven animals were all in this photo! thanks to bear bear wong who were holding the camera!
this is dog who has already mastered the art of posing with muffins!

this is pig. wow so kawaii!

squirrel was modelling with the muffins.

giraffe was acting cute with the little muffins.

bear bear was so pretty with the muffin zais.

duck with two muffins.

haha you must be wondering, "why are they posing with muffins, very cute ar?!". no we actually planned to put the photo of us with muffins as our profile photo in facebook. and sadly, kingkong didn't participate in this awesome plan. she was malu.

we took a lot of photos in kenny rogers. but of course i didn't upload them all because first, i am lazy and second, we all can view it from facebook! hmm and can you imagine that we actually did all these stupid and self indulgent stuffs in kenny rogers? and luckily nobody scolded us, or halaued us, cos kenny rogers in times square so little customers :P

we spent hours in kenny rogers just to take photo. after that we headed to lowyat red box to sing! we had very much fun in the karaoke as everybody got to sing their favourite songs. king of the kong was so excited when her ss501 songs were played and she can sing along with them very well (without lyrics).

bear enjoyed singing her favourite songs from teng teng (jam hsiao).


oh wait! two animals' big head photo will be here and other members will think of a punishment for them. hehehe!

big head #1

she was late for our grand and precious gathering!

big head #2


she didn't want to participate in our sexy muffins plan!

anyway, happy 110110! hope everyone getting fun in the outing. cheers!

Title: A Letter To Animals
Date: Friday, January 8, 2010

dear animals,

i think it's impossible for all of us to have a proper gathering/meet up - we don't drive, we are always late, everyone is not having the same free time etc. but i really hope we can have a real and proper meet up, without any absentees, we can talk about many things like gossips, guys, shopping, boyfriends, movies, north and south, ups and downs. pig is flying off to USA in july or august. kingkong and dog are going back to kampar pretty soon, foo foo will be damn busy when her class starts. so this monday is the best time for all of us to have a gathering. so please... appreciate the chance.


Title: Disappointed
Date: Wednesday, January 6, 2010

haih seems like one of our members can't make it to our reunion on mon. :(


reli wan 2 find 1 day to meet all of u .....

coz i reli miss u all so much !!!!

dat day duck told me dat she wan2 come n find me ...although i
noe she is jz joking, but reli feel happy (4 awhile) ...

recently found few of my primary sch - mate .... they have adi
plan 2 visit our teacher's houz during CNY... it has adi been 6
years, n including DUCK, v have adi noe each other for omost


woww!!!!!! is reli quite a long long long time .....

10 years although is not too long , but it cant be said as short .... i
wish dat our friendship can last For3ver !!!!!!

promise !!!!! all animals !!! remember no matter wat, keep in touch

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Please Come!
Pls read this if u're leng lui!
Our gathering slide
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A Letter To Animals
reli wan 2 find 1 day to meet all of u ..... coz ...
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